Day 7
Other important factors on the way to health.

Dr. Dan Pompa

• How to deal with and cure heavy metal poisoning
• How to detoxify your body
• How to do the right diagnostic tests to identify hidden infections and what to do to prevent
cancer, heart attacks and other diseases
• How to reduce health risks through fasting
• How to vary diets to get better health results and weight loss
• Which foods you should avoid to stay healthy and why you have to shift diets

Dr. Elson Haas

• What is NEW medicine?
• Why your attitude is important for your health
• Can you reverse your health issues?
• How much and which kind of exercise you need to stay or become healthy
• What does a good detox diet contain?
• Can you put Western and Eastern medicine together in one treatment?

Dr. Bernie Siegel

• Hear the wonderful life-story of Bernie Siegel and learn from his experiences
• How to connect to your inner wisdom to find answers
• The healing power of painting
• How to help people by listening to them
• An interesting view and approach of cancer treatment
• The power of the mind while fighting cancer

Dr. Trevor Cates

• Inner and outer nourishment for your skin with non-toxic ingredients
• DIY ideas for natural skin care
• What can toxic beauty products do to our hormones?
• What do you need to have healthy and clean skin?
• Which role does food play for a healthy skin?
• What role does our gut play?

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