Day 6
Women’s Health: What you have to know
Holistic dentistry: Discover how important the health of your mouth is for your whole body

Dr. Anna Cabeca

• Which capabilities does our body have to heal itself naturally?
• What are possible problems a female body has to face?
• How you can handle your premenstrual symptoms
• Learn what hormones really are
• How to use essential oils to be healthier
• What you should know about hand sanitizers

Pam Costa

• Learn important things about female sexual health
• Why are many women not desiring sex anymore?
• Learn which conversations lead to better sex
• What causes stress in our sexual life?
• How to talk to your friends about sex to improve it
• Why sex looks different over our lifetime

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

• How to tell if you have mercury poisoning
• How to get rid of mercury
• How can metal fillings have an affect on your health?
• What you have to know about root canals
• Why you might think about replacing your metal dental-fillings
• What is the most important thing to prevent mercury poisoning?

Dr. Karin Bender-Gonser

• How to deal best with dental issues
• The special language of your teeth
• How does the health of your teeth affect the health of your body?
• Why you have to choose wisely what to put into your mouth
• The power of xylitol
• What can I eat to nourish my teeth?

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