Day 5
Fascia – an important piece of the puzzle
Trauma and possible ways how to deal with it if you are affected.

David Lesondak

• What is fascia and in how far are they different from muscles?
• Does it have an effect on our nervous system and brain?
• Types of movement recommended for your (fascial) health
• What benefits do you get from keeping your fascia juicy?
• Do emotions and trauma get stuck in our fascia?
• What does fascia have to do with cancer?

Dr. Carla Stecco

• How is fascia related to our health and hormonal system?
• What can we do to keep our fascia healthy and supple?
• How can you treat a hernia?
• What is important in terms of exercise regarding our fascia?
• How does fascia react to stress?
• What are new findings in the world of fascia?

Jill Miller

• Learn about her fascia releasing approach you can do on your own
• Tools you can use to work on your fascia
• Why do so many people feel pain in their fascia?
• The benefits of mobilizing your fascia
• What you have to know about scar tissue and fascia
• What you should know about breath work

Dr. Andrea Pennington

• The link to developmental trauma to illness and disease
• What is Life Writing?
• How can it help with healing trauma?
• How can you become the hero of your life?
• How can we reprogram our subconscious minds?
• What do highly resilient people do different?

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