Day 4
Prevention: What you can do on a daily basis to stay healthy

Jason Prall

• Learn what stresses our body the most
• Damages electronic devices can produce and how to avoid them
• How to live a natural lifestyle
• How to heal our attachment issues
• How to get rid of the “bad” things in your believe-system
• Why it is important to practice mindfulness and awareness

Margaret Paul

• Why loving yourself is important to heal pain and diseases
• How to you get started with the healing process
• What can I do to let go of my addictions?
• The six steps to practice inner bonding
• Why it is important to trust your inner feelings
• What you should eat to stay healthy

Dr. Véronique Desaulniers

• What is the 7 Essentials System TM?
• Do I have to protect myself against 5G?
• What you can do to increase your melatonine production
• How to balance your energy
• Why you should forgive yourself and others
• Why early detection is important in relation to cancer prevention

Dr. Eno Nsima-Obot

• How to be more engaged in your own healthcare
• What exactly is diabetes?
• How important is your believe system if you have a disease?
• Which role does nutrition play in diabetes II?
• Hear her cancer-healing journey
• What to do if you hear the diagnosis that you have cancer

Dr. Connie Jeon

• How to live your healthiest life despite your conditions
• How to deal with autoimmune diseases like lupus by using her own example
• How to heal your body with the elements your body needs
• How to think differently to get better personal results
• The role of nutrition in autoimmune diseases
• Suggestions to detoxify your body

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