Day 3
Movement, yoga, meditation & energy

Paul Grilley

• Why we need yin and yang activities for our body
• What are chakras?
• What is the rebound and why is it important?
• Which benefits can yin yoga have for our body?
• What is the connection between yin yoga and meditation?
• What is meditation and what can it do for your health?

Ryan Leier

• What you can do if you have mental issues
• What is the multi-level approach in yoga and how can it help you?
• What kind of Ayurvedic type are you and what does that mean for your yoga practice?
• Why does a disease or an issue come up in the first place?
• How can you be mindful enough not to hurt yourself in yoga?
• How can we treat ourselves with more mindfulness in everyday-life?

Dr. Tyler Maltman

• How to live well with chronic pain
• Can you use yoga as a prescription for medical conditions?
• What benefits can a (yin) yoga practice have?
• How can you simplify your diet?
• What is important to activate your self-healing capacities?
• Specific forms of meditation he recommends for his patients
• How to decrease cortisol and stress through meditation

Bernie Clark

• What you have to know about antifragility and the need for stress
• Why do we need to exercise our fascia to be healthy?
• How does stretching our fascia affect our meridians?
• Why does human variation have an effect on our practice?
• How important is breath work?
• The power of mindfulness in health and happiness

Marisa Cranfill

• The differences between Qi Gong and yoga
• What is tapping and what can it do for us?
• Foods that help you stay or become healthy
• What is Dan Tien breathing?
• Body types according to TCM
• What role do emotions play for our health?

Lee Yen Anderson

• The meaning of chakras and how to work with them for living a fulfilled life
• How to use essential oils to strengthen your chakras
• How to give up victim consciousness through yoga
• Get balance by strengthening the inner core
• How to be guided by your heart and use the spiritual and physical chakra to get balanced
• How to open the heart, build unconditional love and use yin energy through the use of
essential oils

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