Day 2
Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine.
What it is and how it can help us.

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

• Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine: What are the differences and how they
can go together.
• How to balance your energy
• „Healing when it seems impossible“ – 7 keys to defy the odds
• Great tips from Dr. Shiroko regarding her own self-care practice
• How to age gracefully
• Why love is a tool to healing

Dr. Keesha Ewers

• How anger triggers our autoimmune system
• How to digest your emotions and feelings
• How to use Ayurveda to keep your balance
• How to connect to your ego to prevent getting sick
• How a detoxification program could help you
• Why is it important to express your emotions?

Josh Summers

• What happens when you do acupuncture and what can be the benefits for your health?
• How to apply TCM holistically, not reductively
• How you can improve the health of your body through yin yoga or acupuncture
• How are our organs and emotions related to each other
• More recommendations for energetic therapies
• Tipps for your daily meditation practice

Ashley Beckman

• What you can do to strengthen your immune system
• Which symptoms show that you have autoimmunity?
• Mental techniques and foods that can help you stay healthy
• What can you do to balance your hormones again?
• How small changes can have a huge impact in your life
• What you can do on a daily basis for your own healthcare

Timothy McCall

• What can yoga do for you on your path to health?
• Is there a scientific evidence behind its proven benefits?
• What is holistic healing versus reductionist medical science?
• What is the approach of Ayurveda regarding the path to health?
• How can fasting help in chemotherapies?
• Learn more about new cancer-related studies and how yoga and acupuncture could help
cancer patients

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