Day 1
Functional medicine & nutrition

Dr. Will Cole

• What can we do to fight inflammation?
• Learn if intermitting fasting is the same for women and men and what the benefits are
• Can too much exercise lead to inflammation and what is the optimum range of workout?
• What you can do to detox your body
• How to activate your self-healing capacity
• He shares his own health & self-care routine with you

Dr. Katie & Eric Snow

• How is food and your lifestyle connected to natural health?
• How you can quit eating too much sugar
• How to find your right way of diet
• Recommendations to detoxify your body
• How to balance out hormones
• What you can do to activate your self-healing capacity

Dr. Brent Caplan

• What is important about nutrition if you have an autoimmune disease?
• Is there anything like a best diet for autoimmunity?
• How can you make changes when food is such a social thing?
• What can cause a leaky gut?
• Can we use food to get rid of autoimmune diseases?
• Why it is important to change our mindset of food

Dr. Tiffany Caplan

• What you can do to strengthen your immune system
• Which symptoms show that you have autoimmunity?
• Mental techniques and foods that can help you stay healthy
• What can you do to balance your hormones again?
• How small changes can have a huge impact in your life
• What you can do on a daily basis for your own healthcare

Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn

• Numbers of cancer in different countries
• How is nutrition connected to cardiovascular disease?
• Can you reverse heart disease through the right nutrition?
• What role does nitric oxide play?
• Why we need antioxidants from real food
• Do you need fat for optimal health?

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